Autonomous driving experience in the Prague Fair Grounds (Na Výstavišti)

Driving the autonomous vehicle of the future at the Exhibition Grounds.

So-called autonomous cars can move along a given route without a driver, avoid obstacles on their own, or even stop on their own if someone unexpectedly runs into their path. To do this, the car is equipped not only with a number of cameras, but also with LIDAR, or “laser radar”.  

The minibus, which you can try out, has a capacity of 8 seats. Its top speed is limited to 28 km/h for the time being. The maximum range, for the record, is around 60 kilometres.  

Thanks to PowerHUB, which technically ensures the operation of the minibus of the Estonian company AuveTech, and thanks to the support for innovative technologies by the City of Prague, you can also try out the driverless minibus transport. 

Register for a ride, we have a stop at the Prague Exhibition Grounds near Bruselská cesta. 

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